" may involve the creation of a scene involving by-product sexual activity (for example bisexuality) where natural or social constructs in support of primary natural relations have failed - with social constructs being reliant upon subjective significance objectification is thereby supported "

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Adblock Plus for Firefox


Although this product removes advertisements, it also appears to remove the majority of objectification on the internet - which says something about the driving force behind objectification.

Even so, it is still important to be careful when avoiding objectification on the internet - in particular, news based photography or YouTube related videos.

To avoid potential objectification friendly content;

  • Images can always be disabled via Edit - Preferences / Tools - Options
  • Flash can be disabled using Flash Block Firefox plugin
  • Remember that windows can always be moved around at will (partially off screen)

Customise Google Search Settings;

  • Set Google Safesearch to Strict (Google - Settings - Search Settings - 'Use strict filtering')
  • Turn off Google Instant and Autocomplete - this can only be done at this time by use of http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=0
    (NB this used to be able to be disabled via Google - Settings - Search Settings - 'Do not provide query predictions in the search box')
  • When searching for any content on Google, make sure a sufficiently descriptive search string is provided to prevent the reception of irrelevant or inappropriate graphical content - use "" for phrases
    (NB this used to only be required for Google Image searches - before Google introduced arbitrary preview images to their Web search)

Gmail is recommended as an email client (a thorough spam filter should be utilised at all times)

Demonstrate your distaste for objectification

If necessary or beneficial, look the other way.

Demonstrate your appreciation of subjectification

Compliment that which is good.

Use your freedom of speech and be yourself

Silence is all that is required for evil to prevail.

(Recognise and learn the subtlety of standing up against objectification without objectifying anyone in the process)

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" leads to sexually discriminant socially acceptable constructs - eg objectification in the media and apparent self-objectification (demonstration of ones capacity to be an object), where as fighting is disdained (demonstration of ones capacity to objectify) "

- philosophy of the body  refresh

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