" results in over policing, where the importance of justice is replaced with the importance of obedience to a set of rules (to maintain order in an objectification tolerant society) "

- philosophy of the body  

                              - immaturity has a cost -


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All artwork featured in this presentation is available on the Wikimedia Commons, and attribution is provided here.

Edgar Degas - Semiramis Building Babylon (1861).

Egypt 1400BC

Egypt 1450BC

Egypt 2400BC

Egypt 2500BC

Egypt 2500BC

Subjectified - The Documentary.

We can almost guarantee that the Subjectified documentary to be released in October 2010 (Subjectified.com) will offer a realistic insight into why women "have sex". We believe is hard to maintain an illusion of objectification when you actually interview someone.

However, to fill the knowledge gap resultant from gender specific university studies, we thought it appropriate to develop a summary of the reasons why men "have sex". Note that we did not go to the trouble of making a documentary, although we greatly respect those who have.

Feel free to view or edit this list on our Subjectify Wiki.

We theorise that the reasons will be almost identical (or at the very least complimentary), and await the release of the movie.

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" tolerance of objectification may result in social laws which do not take into account the differences between the sexes in their susceptibility to self-objectification / experience of apparent self-objectification - therefore being unable to provide a fair or just system of governance "

- philosophy of the body