" apparent self-objectification may be employed when one wants attention at a particular point in time "

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We attempt to honour all corporations/persons taking initiative to end objectification.

Honour List

Some quotes.

"Some experts think that should mean a tougher attitude towards 'legitimate' businesses in the west which they say fuels a demand for women."

Narrator, CNN Freedom Project: Sex Slavery: A Family Business

"You've seen all the growth in lap dancing clubs, strip clubs, the [?] weekends, the brothels, the massage parlors, its almost sort of acceptable now. I'm not tarring them all and saying they are all involved in trafficking but it all feeds a demand".

Andrew Wallis - Director, Unseen (UK), CNN Freedom Project: Sex Slavery: A Family Business

"All of them come from dysfunctional families and emotional abuse often is worse than physical and sexual abuse. When you talk about emotional abuse then it is more difficult, and already they learn ... that they are basically worthless".

Iana Mateim - Manages Victims' Shelter, CNN Freedom Project: Sex Slavery: A Family Business

"Her whole life she received emotion abuse from the people who were supposed to love her. It is very difficult for her to trust that you really care for her, let alone love her. Thats, thats fantasy".

Iana Mateim - Manages Victims' Shelter, CNN Freedom Project: Sex Slavery: A Family Business

"They don't have anything left. Their dignity. They don't have it."

Iana Mateim - Manages Victims' Shelter, CNN Freedom Project: Sex Slavery: A Family Business

"The worst part of it was that at the end when it was very clearly that she was going to die, sometimes she was the one saying don't cry maybe that was my fate[/faith], and I think this is what makes me so angry, because I don't think there is a fate[/faith] who says that a child has to be born and basically used until its broken and then dies."

Iana Mateim - Manages Victims' Shelter, CNN Freedom Project: Sex Slavery: A Family Business

"... What you can then do is to brainstorm solutions on how to really get at those trafficking networks at their weak points. And so if their weak point is that they depend upon advertising, you crack down on that type of advertising. If their weak point is that they depend on some sort of government regulation, like they exist in the massage pallor industry, then we can help sure that up. And so what we need to do, is we need to learn about the networks first as a starting point so that we can be smart about our interventions, and we can segment out all the different types of trafficking so it doesn't feel like this overwhelming morphis problem, we actually break it down into bite sized chunks, and when we do that we can take on each of those bite sized chunks and get some winnable battles on the way."

Bradley Myles - Executive Director/CEO, Polaris Project - CNN: The Brief

Frundt: The average age of forced prostitution in the US is 11-14 years old. That is the target age that traffickers target to traffick children.
Clancy: Can these young women, these children in many cases, can they recover from this? Courtney's house; that's what you do, that's who you try to reach, that's your priority.
Frundt: That is our population, is children, here in the united states that are born and raised here in the US. And yes we can fight the trauma recover, but this takes years; this is much abuse and torture that these children do every day, and myself as well.
Clancy: Its a billion dollar industry - do you have hope of overcoming it of turning the tide?
Frundt: I have hope of rescuing many many many more children; that's what we have hope for. We need to conquer the demand. To fight this we have to conquer the demand.

Jim Clancy with Tina Frundt - Executive Director, Courtney's House - CNN: The Brief

"...this is evidence that Sweden's laws against prostitution are working."

Reporter, CNN Freedom Project

"From a Swedish legal point of view, any woman selling sex has been forced to do so, either by circumstance or coercion."

Atika Shubert, CNN Reporter, CNN Freedom Project

"We see it as a human right to have sexual integrity, physical integrity, and not to be forced to sell your body to strange men, 10 times a day. That's human rights to us."

Lise Tamm, Swedish prosecutor of organized crime, CNN Freedom Project

"The important thing is that any country should think about the question on demand... If we could get rid of slavery, then I think this type of buying human beings is something that we have to fight too."

Beatrice Ask, Minister for Justice and Home Affairs (Sweden), the CNN Freedom Project

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" vindicates the objectified by bringing to surface (or creating the impression of) inherent faults in the observer, and the necessary action to forgive others (in particular the objectified) for their failures - it may therefore be used as a means of protection or a method for obtaining nice treatment "

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