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Frequently Asked Questions

You appear to like colour. Do you support any minority groups?

We don't believe in minority groups. People judge others based on their integrity, honour, and virtue - and if they don't then there is a problem with the observer. There is much human behaviour which is natural (and this does not necessarily make it ordered), but exclusive homosexuality is not an example of such behaviour:

"This uniquely human phenomenon is a consequence of a multifactorial developmental process in which psychosocial factors remain crucial."

Homosexual orientation: The search for a biological basis, by John Bancroft (The British. Journal of Psychiatry, Vol 164, Apr 1994) - Abstract

"This makes O. aries (ram) only the second mammal known, apart from humans, capable of displaying exclusive homosexuality"

Animal Homosexuality: A Biosocial Perspective, by Aldo Poiani (Cambridge University Press 2010) - p179

Could we help make something virtuous by redefining marriage?

Marriage would not exist without women; the permanent physical and psychological sacrifices she makes in giving herself to their child, the capacity for mutually loving and honoured sexual relations, and the natural requirements for human life.

Do you support women's rights?

Feminism in its broadest sense is a reaction to the objectification of women: the first against the likes of misogyny (de Pizan) and prostitution (Wollstonecraft), the second against the introduction of objectification in the media, and the third against the mass desensitisation of males to non-objectified female beauty. The issue with "feminism" as a modern attempt to unify the cause is rooted in its title; it is designed to be emotive, and is only effective in so far as it achieves its purpose (incites disgust). What is needed is a direct response to the injustice, not the enshrined protection of the injustice in law, and the introduction of sugar payments to coat up the crime (i.e the commodification of the female body: which by its very nature spells dehumanisation).

What we know as women's rights are a human (and even economic) response to when technology has allowed us to go beyond our most physically adapted roles. Various ancient civilisations have offered alternatives for gender roles, but they are far less attractive than what the west has inherited. Given that sustainable roles are relative to a civilisation's technology and environment, our most important concern here is human rights (as applicable for women). Even animal rights have been compromised (we do to human beings what we would not tolerate for animals).

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" objectification is dissociation - our base desires do not have an isolated expression which is inevitable and consistent with our nature as conscious human beings - any isolation of our physical nature is false "

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